Log Book Servicing

Regular logbook servicing can help you avoid lengthy and expensive repairs. At Cartek Auto and Tyre, our mechanics are highly experienced and trained so your vehicle’s warranty will not be voided.

    What Is Logbook Servicing?

    A vehicle logbook contains the manufacturer’s recommended service requirements. Regular inspections and vehicle maintenance can keep your car running smoothly and efficiently. It also keeps the information about when specific vehicle parts require maintenance. This can include:

    • Checking the serpentine belts
    • Replacing brake pads
    • Inspecting shock absorbers
    • Replacing faulty vehicle parts
    • Replacing transmission fluid

    Having your vehicle regularly serviced according to your logbook can extend the life of your car and help maintain your vehicle’s warranty. We recommend doing a routine logbook service every 10,000 km or 6 months depending on which comes first. Logbook servicing can prevent minor mechanical issues from becoming huge problems.

    Why Choose Cartek Auto and Tyres?

    Transparent Pricing

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    Fully Qualified Mechanics

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    What Does Logbook Service Include

    Logbook service ensures that your vehicle is serviced and maintained based on the manufacturer’s specifications. During our logbook service, our mechanics will check vehicle components and fluids at the intervals that are stated by the manufacturer. Depending on the lifespan of each component, we may replace it with genuine components. As part of the logbook service, we will conduct a standard safety check and road test.

    Engine Check

    During the logbook service, we will do a routine engine check to ensure that your vehicle’s engine is running properly by:

    1. Changing the engine oil
    2. Check coolant levels
    3. Clean air filters
    4. Replace fuel filter
    5. Inspect the serpentine belts
    6. Check spark plugs

    Fluid Check

    As part of the logbook service, we will thoroughly inspect the quality and level of your fluids including:

    1. Engine oil
    2. Transmission oil
    3. Coolant
    4. Brake fluid
    5. Windshield washer fluid
    6. Power steering fluid

    Light Check

    As part of the logbook service, we will do a light check to ensure that your vehicle meets manufacturer specifications and is considered roadworthy. If any of your lights are faulty, we will replace them.

    1. Headlights
    2. Taillights
    3. Brake Lights
    4. Hazard Lights
    5. Signal Lights

    Brake Check

    We will provide a complete inspection of your brake system and replace all faulty components including:

    1. Brake Pads
    2. Fluid Leaks
    3. Brake Lines
    4. Disc Rotors
    5. Wheel Studs

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A non-dealer mechanic can sign or stamp your vehicle’s logbook without affecting its warranty. At Cartek Auto and Tyre, we only use genuine parts that meet the manufacturer’s standards and all of our mechanics are qualified to carry out your logbook service.  

    No, you don’t have to use a dealer to avoid voiding your car’s warranty or consumer guarantee. Using Cartek Auto and Tyre will not void your manufacturer’s warranty. And we strictly follow all procedures from your vehicle’s handbook to ensure that your car is roadworthy.