Mechanic In Bankstown

Whether you are looking for logbook service, pink slip inspection or mechanical repairs, our qualified team of mechanics in Bankstown has you covered. At Cartek Tyre and Auto, we have over 40 years of experience servicing vehicles and only use quality auto parts in our repairs.


    Vehicle Servicing In Bankstown

    Our mechanic shop is equipped with the latest diagnostic and servicing equipment. This allows our team to get your vehicle up and running in no time. We provide inspection and servicing for all car manufacturers including BMW, Suzuki, Mercedes, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda and Audi.

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    Mechanic Services In Bankstown

    Log Book Services

    Log book services help maintain your vehicle and minimise the risk of preventable damage. Our Bankstown team can ensure that your car is running according to your vehicle’s manufacturer guidelines.

    Transmission Service And Repair

    Repairing transmissions can be expensive and time-consuming. Regular servicing can help prolong the condition of your transmission. Our team can service and repair automatic and manual transmission cars.

    Tyre Inspection And Replacement

    We provide a variety of tyre services from tyre fitting, puncture repair, tyre rotation and inspection. Our experienced technicians in Bankstown can assess whether you need a tyre rotation or a completely new set of tyres

    Wheel Alignment Services

    Misaligned wheels can cause your vehicle to steer to one side and decrease the overall milage that you will get from your tyres. Our team can restore your car’s suspension to its default setting to improve handling.

    Engine Diagnostics

    Vehicle engines have become increasingly complicated with everything being controlled via an onboard computer system. At Cartek Tyre and Auto, we have access to the latest engine diagnostic equipment which ensures that we can accurately identify issues much more quickly.

    Suspension Servicing And Repair

    Your vehicle’s suspension is vital to safe steering and braking. Our team can help maintain your suspensions or replace them with quality parts if necessary.

    Car Battery Replacement

    It can be quite annoying and inconvenient to have a car not start up properly. Car batteries can become unreliable in 3 years. We only use quality and manufacturer approved car batteries for our replacement service.

    Air Condition Servicing

    Your car’s air conditioner needs to be regularly maintained in order to run properly. Our air conditioning service includes checking the system pressure and for any leaks.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    It is not compulsory to make a booking before dropping off your vehicle. However, we would recommend booking ahead of time to reserve a slot, so you don’t have to wait.